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Chris Squire and Nick Beggs having a drink together.

Chris Squire and Nick Beggs (Kajagoogoo, Kim Wilde) having a drink together. It turns out that Nick is a fan of Yes’ legendary bassist, who happens to be Beaver Felton’s all-time favorite. Beaver comments, “Like Chris Squire’s bass parts, Nick’s bass lines have always been an integral part of the songs. He incorporates finger-style and slap-style in a very melodic and rhythmic way. Many bass players still remember the catchy bass parts in kajagoogoo's first big hit, “Too Shy” from early MTV Era! *According to Beaver, Nick is looking to add a Chris Squire Signature Rickenbacker to his collection, so if anyone has one for sale, please let him know. To catch up on Nick as well as Kajagoogoo, see the following links:

Man Playing a White Bass

The bass arrived yesterday two hours before the rehearsal! I took it right away with me and played it like I never played another bass before …. what a great and beautiful instrument! -Ralf.

Two Musicians on Stage

Sunday night with my band Inari One. the Trocadero in Philly.....

-Scott P.

Man With a Black Bass


My name is Timur and I am a happy EBMM Majesty 7 guitar owner thanks to! I had the pleasure of dealing with Grasshopper, who provided guidance and support on all stages of the deal. It has been my first overseas purchase, so I was especially lucky to buy from where people know the process very well and have been in the business for quite a while. My guitar came right in time, no shipping problems whatsoever. Kudos to Grasshopper for making all efforts to avoid extra payments on my end, and for being very responsive and helpful all the time! I really have no words to describe how this instrument looks, feels and sounds :) Finally, I got the guitar that does exactly what I always wanted soundwise. I want to say a big THANK YOU to all the good people at in general, and to Grasshopper in particular, for being excellent at their job and for making my dream come true!

Best regards,

Hernan Aguirre

Hernan with his newly purchased fender GEDDY and Musicman. Hernan hails from Chile.

Thank you for your continued support of Bass Central! We appreciate it very much!

“Here are pix of one of our international customers, Kadar. Shown here in Bordeaux, France, with his new Alembic Mark King 5 with Buckeye Burl top/back.” 

“Here are pix of one of our international customers, Kadar. Shown here in

Bordeaux, France, with his new Alembic Mark King 5 with Buckeye Burl top/back.”

Here's Doug with his new Yamaha Nathan East Signature Model!

Here’s ROB L., a Preferred Customer of Bass Central. He just received this super-cool, Super-Faded Blue SPECTOR NS2, which thousands of people saw when it first arrived recently.

*It lasted 24 hours before he ordered it. Rob has the distinction of owning #2 of two ever made in this exact finish. I just hope he’s not mad that I ordered a third one.…

David from Georgia trying some StingRays, here's the One!