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1976 Rickenbacker 4001 White

RARE / Vintage, Built In November Of 1976, All Original, Very Good-Excellent Condition for a 35-Year Old Bass, ONE OWNER! White Finish With Black Trim, Binding, And Pickguard, 3-way pickup selector combines with 4 rotary pots for volume and tone, Mono and Stereo Outputs. Original Hard Shell Case. This color is RARE, And Was Produced Only Till About Mid 80's.

SN #7338 9.0lbs.

Sale $2299


Used Rickenbacker 4001C64S

Used In Excellent Shape W Original Paperwork Made In Oct. 2009 4001C64S- Since the time he obtained his Bass in 1965, Paul McCartney’s original Rickenbacker 4001S bass (actually made in 1964) has “evolved” through Numerous modifications. Using the 4001C64 starting point, the 4001C64S fast forwards to incorporate these changes to replicate his Bass as it finally exists today. Most evident is the reshaped body, zero-fret Fingerboard, pickup type, and tailpiece detail. A satin sealer-only finish helps protect The natural Maple body and neck, as well as the Rosewood fingerboard. Reversed "Cresting Wave" Headstock, Hard Shell Original case.

SN#09-35509 9.5 Lbs.

Sale Price $2999



1992 Used Rickenbacker Chris Squire Signature LTD Model

#432 Out Of Only 1000 Produced, Great Overall Condition With Some Slight Cosmetic Flaws:(Checking On Back Of Headstock and Neck). Serial Number #432 . Original Custom Silver Tolex Case ,COA, Collector's Item, Delivered with New Strings!!! FREE SHIPPING WITHIN THE CONTINENTAL U.S.!!!

SN#F57120 9.5LBS.

Sale Price $5999

2013 Rickenbacker 4003 Midnight Blue

Used Excellent Shape, Rosewood laminated Fingerboard, Standard and Rick-o-sound Jacks, Case.

SN#1339792 9.5LBS.

Sale Price $1999

Used Excellent Shape 2015 Rickenbacker 4003s 4 string Bass

Maple Glo Finish, Rosewood NON Laminated Fingerboard , Case.

Ser#18749 9.5 Lbs.

Sale $1999


RARE!!! VINTAGE 1975 Fender Jazz Bass, Natural!!!

Bass Central owner, Beaver Felton actually put his name on this bass when it first arrived on trade a few years ago!!!

It has been kept in the case, in the warehouse, not displayed since then! He has just now decided to let go of it!!!

Used in Excellent Shape, All Original, Swamp Ash body, Maple Neck, Bound Maple Fingerboard with Mother-of-Pearl Block Inlays, 1.5" Nut, Pickup and Ashtray Cover,Original Hard Shell Case, RARE White Pearl Block MOP Inlays, White Binding.

SN# 699252 9.5Lbs.

Sale Price $3500!

Used Carvin PB-5 String Bass Surf Green

Used In Excellent Condition Carvin PB-5 String Bass Surf Green/Ash Body/Maple Neck-Ebony Fingerboard/Abalone Diamond Inlays/Matching Headstock/P-J Pick Ups/18 Volt 3 Band EQ, Gig Bag, Dunlop Straplocks.

SN#109874 9.5Lbs.

New Sale Price Approx. $1700

Sale $1059


Spector NS4 4 String Neck-thru Natural Oil MATTE Finish

Used In Excellent Condition, Pau Ferro Fingerboard/Rippled Green Abalone Inlays , DUAL COIL EMG p/u's, 18 volt Spector electronics, Gold Hardware, Haz-lab Preamp, Case.Made In 2002

Serial # 440 9.5LBS

List $6499

Normal Sale $5299

Sale $2799

Warwick Thumb 4 Neck-Thru, Bubinga Pommele Body

Used On Consignment In Excellent Condition Made In 2007 Serial #E 135098-07 Laminated Wenge-Ovangkol Neck, Ebony Fretboard, Active MEC JJ Pickups, Active MEC Electronics, MEC 3-Band EQ Preamp, Black Hardware, Warwick Rock Case.

SN#E135098-07 10LBS

New Retail $6399

Normal Sale $4699

Sale $2799.00


USED Spector USA NS2 4-String Bahama Blue Matte, Maple Fingerboard Arrival 6-7-16

USED In Very Good Condition (Small Marks By Strap lock On Bottom, One Ding on Back of Neck-both pictured)Stuart Spector Design NS2 4 String, Bahama Blue($300 Option) / MATTE Finish / Highly Quilted Maple Wings / 34" Scale / Abalone inlays,EMG P-J Pups / Spector USA Electronics /Gold Hardware/1.5" Nut, Optional HIGHLY FIGURED BIRDSEYE MAPLE FRETBOARD, Case.

Serial #842 9.5LBS.

New Retail $6298

Sale $3199


USED Spector USA CODA Ultra Amber Gloss Maple Fingerboard Arrival 6-7-16

Used On Consignment In Excelent Condition Serial #077 USA Bolt On CODA, Ultra Amber Gloss,BEM Fingerboard, Abalone inlays, Aguilar OBP2 active/passive, Aguilar 60's pickups, Hipshot bridge Light weight Alder, USA Spector Deluxe Case.

SN#077 9.0LBS.

New Retail $4298

Sale $2099

USED Sandberg California TT4 Black Hardcore Aged Masterpiece Arrival 6-7-16

Used On Consignment In Excelent Condition Sandberg California TT4-Black Hardcore Aged Masterpiece/Alder Body/Maple Fingerboard W/ Black Blocks/Parchment Pick Guard,Chrome Hardware,Sandberg Deluxe Gig Bag.

SN#19801 9.5LBS.

New Sale $3879

Sale $2799

USED Sandberg California TSBS Relic Yellow Maple Fingerboard Arrival 6-7-16

Used On Consignment in Excelent Condition Sandberg California 4 String TSBS Bass, Yellow,Matching Headstock,Relic Aged,Maple Fingerboard White Blocks,JJ Pick Ups,String Through Body, White Pearl Pick Guard,Deluxe Gig Bag.

SN#25210 8.5LBS.

New Sale Price $2695

Sale $1999

Used In Very Good Condition Modulus Quantum 6 String

2004 Model Serial #040121 Chechen Top Over Alder Body/Phenolic 24 Fret Fingerboard/Bart Soap Bars With Bart NTMB 18 Volt 3 Band EQ, Black Hardware, Case

SN#040121 10.5Lbs.

Sale $3999

Used Lakland 4460 3-Tone Sunburst Aged Finish

Used In Very Good Condition With Flatwound Strings Lakland Aged Finish 4460 3TSB,Rosewood Fingerboard, Case.

SN#JO807 9.0Lbs.

New Retail $4000

Sale $2299

Used Lakland Skyline 55-02 3 tone Sunburst,Fretless 5-String

On Consignment In Good Condition, Lined With Straplocks, Lakland Gig Bag (One Small Ding On Front (Near rear pick Up-One Small On Back)

SN#110633873 9.5Lbs.

New Retail $1999

Sale $899


Used Excellent Shape 2015 Rickenbacker 4003s 4 string Bass

Maple Glo Finish, Rosewood NON Laminated Fingerboard , Case.

Ser#18749 9.5 Lbs.

Sale $1999


Skyline 55-60 (Joe Osborn) 5 Black, Maple Fingerboard

Used in Good Shape Skyline 55-60 (Joe Osborn) 5 Black, Maple Fingerboard. Gig Bag

SN#08055359 11.0 LBS.

New Retail $1650

Used Sale $999


X-otic XJ-1T 5 String Bass Coral Pink

Used In Excellent Condition/ConsignmentX-otic XJ-1T 5 String Bass Coral Pink/Ash Body/Maple Neck-Maple Fingerboard W/ Lumni Lay Front and Side Dots/Lindy Fralin Jazz P/U's With Wood Covers/Xotic 3 Band Pre-Amp/Black Pick Guard/Hipshot Hardware/German Straplocks And Comfort Strap/Xotic Deluxe Gig Bag

SN#XJ-762 10.0Lbs.

2014 Model- Original Sale Price $3200

Used Sale $1999

Yamaha Billy Sheehan ATTITUDE II LAVA

Used in good Shape Yamaha Attitude II Lava RED Signed By Billy Sheehan

SN#OP0044F 9.5LBS.

SALE $4525


Spector Coda 5 Deluxe XL Version Ultra Amber

Used In Excellent Condion (06/19/14) Serial #069, High figured Maple Over Ash//Optional Birdseye Maple Board W/Black Mother Of Pearl Inlays/35" Scale/21 Frets/16" Radius/1.87" At Nut/Aguilar 60's SoapBar Pick Ups/Aguilar OBP-2 Pre-amp/Chrome Hardware/Case.

SN#069 9.0LBS.

New Retail $5147

New Sale $3860

Sale $3229



BRAND NEW IN THE BOX Dean Rhapsody 12 String Bass Trans-Black Rosewood, case.

Retail $1099

Sale $899