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Studio grade electronics are an Alembic bass specialty.

You’ll discover that each bass guitar preamp they make is designed to please the most demanding audiophile.

Take a look at the bass preamps we offer today!


Alembic F2B-Sale Price $1256

F-2B was very first product to bear the Alembic name. About the only thingthat's changed in the 30 years since the first F-2B is the chassis. What is it about the F-2B that's made it a classic? A simple to useBass-Middle-Treble interface for each channel makes your perfect tone easyto find today, and to find again tomorrow. Its warm tube sound is musicallyuseful not only to bass, but we've heard our customers use it for guitar andviolin too! For fun, try cascading from channel A to channel B with guitarand discover a wonderful clear distortion.The F-2B contains two independent preamp/tone control sections. Theamplification is entirely vaccum tube driven. Outputs are on the back panel:channel A out, channel B out, and a mono out that combines both channels



Alembic F1X-Sale Price $1256

F-1X is the mono version of our classic F-2B preamp. We kept the same tonesection and added a few goodies like a direct output, built in effects loopand crossover. You can still use it in a simple setup since the F-1X alsoincludes a standard full range output.Tube warmth? It's in there, and with an easy interface of Bass, Middle,
Treble, you'll find it hard to make the F-1X make a bad sound. Maybe that'swhy Bass Player Magazine gave the F-1X its highest rating, and why yourarely see one offered on the used market.




Alembic SF2-Sale Price $1256

The SF-2 Superfilter is a bit unusual. Around here we call it the Swiss armyknife of tone. And we don't protect you, with a Superfilter, you're going tofind some weird and amazing sounds. It's designed primarily as a toneprocessor, but we provide a front input jack so you can experiment withoutadding coloration from a preamp.There is no other preamp, graphic EQ, parametric EQ, or filter unit anywherefrom anyone that can shape tone like the Alembic SF-2.













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