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When Alembic started back in 1969, The goal was to create the finest quality American made instruments ever known. This philosophy applies to all products that they offer. While they are best known for basses,
They also make outstanding guitars, preamps, and accessories

Below Instruments Are Sample Instruments

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The Orion is the same quality you see in the the rest of our guitars and basses. That's because the Orion is made in our shop in Santa Rosa, California, right along with the rest of Alembic's instruments.

Quiet operation is the foundation of all Alembic guitars and basses. The Orion features two of our HG series hum cancelling pickups with the familiar volume, bass and treble setup. A mini toggle switch selects the pickups. All electronic components are carefully selected and tested. With Alembic, you know you can always count on clear, clean sound that lets all of your technique shine through.

Left handed never costs extra on an Alembic. Neither does our list of standard woods including flame California Walnut, Bird's-eye Maple, Flame Maple, Zebrawood, Bubinga, and Vermilion. You can also order the Orion in a full complement of custom options as stated on our pricelist. If you want custom inlays, special colors, exotic woods, or upgraded electronics, we have got it all.

Our baritone verision of the Orion is a 28" scale length tuned to B or your preference. The gutsy baritone sound is an appropriate addition to all kinds of music, from country and blues, to grunge, heavy metal and pure rock and roll.

If you have never before experienced the Alembic guitar sound, you must find out what you've been missing.








With its extremely pure sound, the Skylark may remind you of an acoustic guitar. Tune the filter frequency higher and get enough highs to satisfy any appetite for crunch. Ease up on the highs by tuning the filter frequency lower and cozy up to clear warmth perfect for jazz. With such versatility, the Skylark is a guitar you can rely on as your own musical ideas evolve.

Comfort and playability are the hub of the Skylark’s design. The body features a large roundover on the back with a deeply carved tummy contour. The body hugs close and comfortably to your own.

Multiple scale lengths are available, including baritone scale. Same goes for the look. You can choose from several transparent colors or burst finishes on the standard flame maple top. You can even custom order any combination of features you imagine, after all, it’s your guitar.







The Spectrum is the "sister" guitar to the Europa bass. The body is contured not only for its beauty, but also to offer a wonderfully natural fit to your own. You shouldn't merely wear a guitar, it should be an extension of yourself.

Clean, clear electronics allow your musical ideas to translate from thought into reality. Don't play a guitar with someone else's voice, rather, select the perfect guitar for expressing your own musical voice. With the Spectrum's low-pass filter, you can find warm, broad sounds right through to strong, bright sounds. A small turn of the tone knob has a wild effect. This is not the guitar you buy, turn the tone control full up and leave it there - you might as well not have any tone control at all, since you let someone else make all the sonic decisions. The flexibilty inherent in the Alembic electronic design philosophy means that you are in control of, and responsible for your own tone.

In baritone scales, the Spectrum commands attention. We've had bassists call us, quaking in their boots that their job is on the line ever since the rhythm guitarist got a baritone Alembic. While that is obviously not our goal (hey, we like selling basses, too!), it does show what a vital role a well-placed baritone can play.





Darling & Little Darling

Is there a lighter weight Alembic guitar with all the look, feel, and tone of the bigger models?

The short answer is "yes."

The slightly longer answer is that the Little Darling guitar may be small, but that only adds to its charms. The sound is anything but tiny. Thanks to neck through construction, lasting sustain is in your future. Rich low end response and crystalline highs are also a credit to the neck construction.

The body is carved with tummy and elbow contours for an incredibly comfortable fit. The elbow carving also exposes the layers of accent laminates under the top. We think the Heart Omega carving at the bottom of the body makes it all the more "darling." We also make the slightly larger Darling guitar.

Electronics include a volume and filter for each pickup. Pickup selection is logical with an off/on/bright switch for each pickup. The amount of brightness in the "bright" setting can be adjusted to your personal preferences with a screwdriver-adjusted trimpot in the electronics cavity. Get ready to rethink your effector units and EQ settings, because this guitar is coming at you clean and clear, and it prefers to start things out with flat settings on the rest of your signal chain. The output jack is side-mounted and features welded palladium contacts for durability






Modelled after one of our earliest guitar experiments (later known as "Wolf"), the Further guitar is quite simply one of the coolest little guitars around.

The semi hollow contruction helps keep the weight down to a managable 8ish pounds. The small body balances well on a guitar strap and likewise when playing seated.

Equipped with extremely flexible electronics that bring you from robust lows to clear and distinct highs, the Further doesn't disappoint in the tone department. On the contrary, this instrument allows you to hear even the most subtle of your techniques, and encourages you to develop your own voice.

Can a guitar take you further? We think you'll agree that it can.






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