Welcome to Bass Central! We Are Your Source For The World’s Best Boutique Basses, Amplifiers And Accessories. We Offer An Extensive Collection Of Top Quality Instruments For You To Choose From. No Matter What Style Of Music You Play, We Have Instruments That Will Perfectly Complement Your Sound And Style.From The Legendary Alembic Bass Guitars played by Stanley Clarke and Jack Casady, To Modern Signature Basses Like The Victor Wooten By Fodera, We Have More High-End Bass Guitars Than Anyone Else On The Web. In Addition To New Instruments, We Also Have An Ever-Changing Selection Of Used Instruments And Equipment. Browse Our Selection Today To Find Rare Basses And Amplifiers You Won’t See Anywhere Else.If You’re Ever In The Orlando Area, You Can Even Stop By Our Store. Get A Lesson From Dave LaRue, Or Play The Instrument You’ve Always Dreamed Of, And Explore Some Of The Greatest Equipment A Bass Player Can Ask For!

Bass Central Is Owned And Operated By Legendary Superchops 4 Bass Founder Beaver Felton .

In the August 1985 issue of Guitar Player Magazine, Beaver Felton was chosen by Record Producer Mike Varney to be featured in the “Spotlight On New Talent” column. Mike also “discovered” dozens of other guitarists and bassists that went on to achieve Stardom, including Billy Sheehan, a somewhat unknown (on a national level) bassist at the time of his feature, 1982. Mike received as many as 500 tapes from guitarists and bassists from all over the world each month and picked the top three to be spotlighted. With this newly achieved international exposure, credibility, and recognition, Beaver turned his efforts to producing instructional materials from 1986-1993, a multitude which ultimately totaled 22 Audio Tapes, 7 Videos, and 8 CD/Book Lessons. These were released and internationally distributed on a handful of labels including Hotlicks, Hal Leonard, MVP, Metal Method, and his own series, entitled “Superchops 4 Bass”.

Both Beaver’s playing ability and the instructional course have received critical acclaim from virtually every major trade magazine in the US as well as from publications in Germany, Japan, and Australia. He’s also written over 100 educational columns, published in such international trade magazines as Bass Player, Bassics, Bass Frontiers, Guitar World, Guitar School, Guitar For The Practicing Musician, The Music Paper, Buzz Magazine and The Monitor.


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The Bass Central Web Page Is Now 100 % Accurate And Updated Daily In Order To Keep You Informed Of What We Have In Real Time. As Instruments Arrive They Are Put On The Website The Same Day And Sold Basses Are Marked As Such When They Are Sold. If there's anything you're interested in but don't see it on our page, please contact us via email or our toll-free 800-545-8813 number ,We Most Likely Have It on order

*While attempting to stay current, we intentionally leave many basses up even after selling them in order to act as "catalogue" pieces to show various models, wood and finish options that are available. 

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